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We are a small family run 24/7 gym looking to make our mark on the health and fitness world! Living by our motto of Perceive, Believe, Achieve we hope to inspire, motivate and assist you in becoming Fit 4 Life!


Our staff are all trained professionals looking to help you on your health and fitness journey! Always happy to help and offer a warm smile while answering any questions you may have.


Instead of just being a member, we want you to be a part of the family! Health and fitness is our passion and we want to help you feel as comfortable as possible here too!

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With our complete kit out of "FfitTech" and "Motus" gear, we have everything you need from a leg press to 60kg dumbbells! A complete range of cardio, strength and pin loaded gear to get you pumping!

These are our Fit 4 Life "Life Changers." It doesn't stop when you leave the gym! We're Fit 4 Life!
Mark Patton

Mark Patton

Head Personal Trainer

Originally from the UK I have been personal training for over 20 years. I have worked with many athletes and powerlifters to help them excel in their fields. I have also mentored many personal trainers so that they too can go on to change people’s lives. I’ve had the vision of Fit 4 Life my entire life and now it’s time to use my experience to help you get Fit 4 Life!

Holly Clarke

Holly Clarke

Personal Trainer/Class Instructor

I’m Holly, a single mum of 3 beautiful girls. I have been training with Mark Patton for several years now and during that time I made the choice that I wanted to help people just as he had helped me. I have now been a personal trainer for over 3 years and have changed so many lives that it inspires me to continue to work harder than ever to help everyone with their goals! It’s not just a job to me, now it's about getting Fit 4 Life!

Tanya Ord

Tanya Ord

Personal Trainer/Class Instructor

I first found my passion for fitness trying to overcome mental health issues such as depression & anxiety, I knew being overweight & unhealthy that I needed to make a change. So, I joined my local gym where I was offered a free PT session with Mark, since that day I've never looked back. I have been training for over 2 years now and have lost over 40kgs. I have come off all medication and can proudly say I am happy. My goal in this industry is to help people like me become Fit 4 Life!

Mariana Garcia

Mariana Garcia

Class Instructor

Originally from Brazil I moved to Australia with a passion for fitness! I have taught at some of the best gyms in Brazil. My bouncy bubbly personality is what keeps me going through the hard classes and I hope it will help you too! Come join me in SpringFit or my other classes and lets get Fit 4 Life!

Mark O'Donoghue

Mark O'Donoghue

Personal Trainer/Class Instructor

With 18 years of Rugby League experience, at some of the highest levels of competition, I decided to move from the field to the gym to help you reach your goals. Normally backing the underdog some of my greatest inspiration comes from my nephew Will, who was born with Cystic Fibrosis and is one of the strongest people I’ve met. If you need some motivation or some sport specific training I’m here to help you get Fit 4 Life.

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We know that budget can be a limiting factor to your gym participation, that is why we have a package for everyone! We also love our loyal members, so the longer your membership the cheaper it becomes! Not only that, but the price you sign on is your price for life, if we increase the prices you get to re-sign at your original price!

24 Month contract     $9.99/week

18 Month contract     $11.99/week

12 Month contract     $13.99/week

6 Month contract       $15.99/week

No contract                $17.99/week

6 Month paid in full     $325.00

12 Month paid in full   $499.00

All personal training packages are 12 week programs with a set number of personal training sessions per week.

Personal training package 1  $60

Personal training package 2  $100

Personal training package 3  $140

Personal training package 4  $180

Personal training package 5  $220

All personal training packages are 12 week programs with a set number of personal training sessions per week.

Junior PT package 1    $50

Junior PT package 2    $90

Junior PT package 3    $125

Junior PT package 4    $160

Junior PT package 5    $200

Check out our online personal training option as well!

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